We vote india is an effort to make people realize their accountability towards their vote...do vote,be indian
Let’s vote !!!
We Vote India is a unique polling virtual machine for the citizens of India to share their views by voting and also gets familiar with their political leaders. It is an eChunav polling system that will help you to share your views online for a particular candidate and to know the results well before the upcoming elections. It is just an initiative to spread the awareness among the citizens about using their rights to elect the best candidate for their society.How to cast your vote:
  • ›  Select the Assembly option as per the Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha
  • ›  Select the State, District and the Assembly from the list and click on the Search button.
  • ›  Click on the candidate Vote button that is provided along with the candidate profile.
  • ›  Fill the valid email address and the mobile number for voting for that particular candidate.